CJ #1: What is the Environment?

There have been a few instances in my life where I have truly felt connected with the environment but I will focus on one specific time. It is actually pictured on my visual representation. The time that really comes to mind when I think about the environment and feeling a strong connection to it is one time when I was fishing with my family on Barrier River. There is no service on this lake and the lack of technology really allowed me to take in all the beauty that surrounded me. I vividly remember looking around me at all the greenery and fresh water. The sun was keeping me warm as I had my fishing rod in the water. I felt almost overwhelmed by just how amazing and underappreciated the environment is. In this moment, I felt so content and appreciative towards how truly remarkable the environment is and the fact that in order to be able to enjoy its beauty, I am going to have to treat it better than I had been. Still, as I am writing this, I feel a warmth within me and a true connection to the environment all because of that one absolutely perfect day on the water.

My visual representation shows this moment and what the environment is to me in a few ways. The sun represents the warmth and happiness I felt towards the environment in this moment and in the many others pictured. When I am outside, and the sun is shining down on me, I feel a sense of peace and complete joy, all thanks to the environment. The pictures I chose were ones where the feeling of connection to the environment was being felt by me. And making this collage really allowed me to remember how amazing the natural environment is by making me realize that I am genuinely happy and content in all the pictures of me enjoying the outdoors. This feeling of appreciation is what led me to using recycled cardboard to make most of my creation. I realized that if I want to continue being as happy as I am in all of these instances, I have to keep doing small things like recycling to keep this amazing natural environment alive. The words on my visual representation stand for the things that come to mind when I think of what environment is to me. The words are meant to show how the sun and the environment in all of the pictures make me feel and what comes to mind when I see these pictures and think of the environment. After creating this visual, I noticed how positive all the words are. This inspired me to, again, try my best to maintain this remarkable environment because of all the good it does for me. If I can in any way give back to the environment that gives so much to me, I am going to. Reflecting upon my experiences with the environment makes me realize that I should no longer take it for granted in any way.

As mentioned by Hammond, working on this creative journal was indeed an extremely enriching experience. I can honestly say that this work is completely me, and that I am the sole creator of it. It really provided me with a sense of pride and connected me to my work in a way that writing a paper never could have done.

Hammond Article Used


1 thought on “CJ #1: What is the Environment?

  1. I love your visual representation Laura and your strong connection to it. As you described your connection, I felt like I was actually there on the lake with you with the sun shinning down on me filling me with it’s warmth. It is so beautiful that nature allows us to feel all of the emotions you described in your write up. I know that in the reading “The Sounds of Sliverbells,” those emotions and the appreciation of nature is also recognized. Maybe you can make some connections to that readings as well? I know the instructor the story focuses on explains the importance of nature it her, maybe you can resonate with that as well? It is wonderful that creating this visual representation gave you a sense of of pride and enjoyment. Your connection to Hammond’s reading inspiring and I hope that the other visual representation are as enriching as this experience. Great work!


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